Oct 21, 2012


so obviously i took a month or two off from blogging. i can't really decide if it was intentional or not.
so whatever.

but i was right about one thing.... i do NOT deal well with change. if i'm just gonna cut to the chase, my personal experience with the first few weeks of college was hellish.

i had legitimate panic attacks on the regular. (anxiety is REAL)
i developed sores in my mouth.
i couldn't sleep.
headahces were my best friend.
i didn't even EAT.
i had 1 friend.
i got OCD up the ying yang.
i would've cried myself to sleep every single night if it weren't for netflix and my foreign roommate. (i didn't want to make her uncomfortable. ya know, living with some crazy american who didn't speak her language and was emotionally unstable. bless her heart, because i would've cried myself right into dehydration and DEATH.)

no, but all exageration and self pitty aside, it was the hardest thing i've ever done; to move away from all things familiar. my friends and especially my family. i never knew how much i really do like those guys. BUT, don't worry, there is a but. but as of late, i've gradually been settling into my new life over here. i have like 5 friends now..... hahaha. kind of kidding, kind of not. i got a grip on reality and realized that a healthy lifestyle doesn't just make you physically healthy, but healthy in the noggin too. sometimes i eat salads and i go to zumba twice a week. like ummmm WHAT? yes. we're talking about michelle here. its kind of kept the freshmen 15 at bay, so it's only like a freshmen 3 as of right now. we'll see how that goes when finals creep up on me though.

also, the U is a unique place.

my drug and behavior professor wears gym shorts, socks and sandals every day to class. his last name is cooperdider. it's fine.

i'm 95% sure that i'll die prematurely from 2nd hand smoke inhalation.

asians are really nice.

my long lost cousin works at the cafeteria and almost tried to hit on me. awkward party of ME.

pac 12-shmac 12. our football team is pretty bad. i'm guessing. i actually don't really know, so disregard that.

one of my roommates is really drunk and scream-crying in the bathroom as i type this. i don't really know what to do besides this

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sorry this post is so weird, it's 4:30 in the morn and i can't sleep. so here are some funnies:

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Tami said...

Hahahaha. This made me lol. I'm sorry you have to listen to people drunkenly vomit, but I'm glad you're doing better. Ok BYEEEE

Tami said...

PS - which cousin almost hit on you? That is hilar.