Aug 14, 2012


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and all of the sudden, in a little more than 24 hours, i leave my house for good.
this place has been so good to me. i feel like sometimes on blogger i make my life seem like a struggle, but truthfully, i have been so blessed.

i dont want to leave my home.
i especially dont want to leave my room. this place has been my safe harbor on stormy days.
i literally grew up within these walls and it's been 10 years of heartache and triumph that have made me who i am. and it all started here.

now as i bawl my eyes out as my mother helps me pack up my room, i've realized that i shouldn't have been so eager to leave this place.


Shelby said...

This makes me ache. I feel exactly what you are expressing. The great thing about home is that it will always be there for you to come back to. You're gonna do great things, Michelle. I have NO doubt in my mind. I love you so!

michelle elaine said...

i may or may not have burst into tears when i read that. you will be so good for china.