Apr 28, 2012

maybe it's my age

....but i'd much rather be working my 5:30-9:30 shift tonight than hanging out with the people in my grade. because all night i would just watch the girls gossip about eachother while the boys wrestle.
fuuuuunnnnn right? no, it's actually not.

i'm glad my saturday night plans consist of something productive and not something so pointlesss.

hopefully this means i'm actually maturing!?
college will be good to me i think.

it's pure beauty.

Apr 25, 2012

i realize,

....that i have only posted twice this month. tisk tisk. new years resolution #4 went out the door.
but in my defense, i graduate from high school in roughly 40 days and i have senioritis up the ying yang.
therefore all i do is snack and stay up too late playing Sims on my iphone. hahaha. what. a. life.

OH and also, that lifestyle of mine? has made me gain 10 pounds in just under 30 days. TEN POUNDS.
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 (this is me last weekend. i'm now known as 'francine' to my family. the inner fat girl inside of me.) : /

18 year olds should not have to diet and exercise. :/ :/ :/ curse you love handles. CURSE YOU. so i'm now trying this new fad where you eat 1500 calories a day and exercise. i think it is the hardest thing i've ever had to endure. my life is now a constant battle between how much i hate running and and how much i love food. whenever i run all i think about is how i'm just never gonna eat again, because running is just a hop skip and a jump from hell. and whenever i'm bingeing on peanut butter and ham all i think about is how i'll just run this right off right into next year.

i just love fooooooood ok? 

i think i inherited my fathers desire to exercise everyday though (not running). it just makes me feel so much better about life. but i also think i inherited his addiction to potatoe chips, m&m's, and bacon.

and since i dont want to show up to my first day off college resembling a beluga whale, there will probably many more posts like this to come.


Apr 11, 2012


i have a date.

i have a tan (thanks san diego)

i have a dress.

and i have a wonderful mother who will sew sleeves onto it.

april 14th, i'm ready for you.

now just to figure out...

prom?     prom hair     so summery. if only i knew how to do this!

which one of these is fitting?


Apr 8, 2012


i have been home from san diego for almost 48 hours and am still in SD mode.
i absolutely LOVED it there. the excitement, the culture, the ocean, the independence, the sun, the adventure, the people.

true life: living in a place where everyone is the same is so boring to me now. i have always been a fan of diversity and culture, but now i have a LOVE for it. people are so interesting. and there are good people outside of the little bubble that i live in. really good people. just because they don't share my same faith, does not mean that they are any less worthy of leading a good life. i just love people.

i only felt scared of our taxi drivers one time! he was russian i'm guessing. with slicked back hair, a bad attitude, and a creeeeepy vibe. i was just waiting for him to make a wrong turn, drive into a dark alley, and sell all 3 of us into the sex trade. i was mentally preparing myself to become the poster child for the sequal to the movie Taken. hahaha. but really. i never knew i had such a distrust of people i didn't now. like i subconciously believed that our housekeepers would steal my t-shirts. :/ or that the suburban mother that ran into me obviously stole my wallet. haha but thankfully it was just my imagination. (i checked my purse anyway)

people are good, but you can't trust all of them.

i would give up all of my limbs to be able to relive this past week. jk. probably just one limb.
bring me back to sunglasses, hot tubbing, ferry rides, scooterdiego2012, palm trees, culture, hide and go seek tag, and that one cute boy.

i'm sentimental sometimes.