Feb 29, 2012

dear you,

*if you thought this was going to be some mushy letter about love.... it's quite the opposite, actually.

time to get this out because my current journal is almost full. so just, bare with me here.

Sometimes people act like they're 5 years old and just got their toy stolen. And it's the most unnatractive thing that i have ever witnessed in a boy. You're seniors in high school now....why can't we all just grow up and be genuinely nice to eachother?  If you thought that i was gonna do what you ordered us to do, after screaming at us like baaaybbeees and throwing a few too many expletives around in our direction, you thought wrong, buckos. Seriously though, i think when a guy calls a girl the B word (i apologize that i'm still 10 and can't type swear words out hahah) it's the most demeaning thing everrrrr. Especially when they really mean it because they're mad. And when they hard core yell at you in your face. No bueno. What ever happened to being nice to girls? We're LADIES. "Bih, I dont give a rats A.... you're a girl, you dont deserve to be here..."...litterally came out of their mouths. Lost a whole lotta respect for a few kids that probably shouldn't have had my respect in the first place. I hated it so much because in that moment, i really was scared of them. All like...7 of them.  
       BUT truth be told, I'm sorry i yelled really loud right back at you. it was not lady like or classy at all. my apologies. Ha. But, what im not sorry for, is the fact that me and my 2 best friends don't care how cool you think you are. Or what your last name is. I'm a weeeee bit proud that we gave it right back to you, but mostly ashamed. I think you were kind of taken aback because people don't usually talk to you the way you talk to them. I don't think you're above anybody, if you were wondering. And when high school ends in 3 months, i hope reality hits you hard, so that you'll grow up and stop treating people like they're beneath you. 
Everyone deserves to be treated eaqually.
(oh and p.s...i hope you're a little scared of me now.  you should be. hehe.)

Bcause honestly, i. do. not. care. about highschool, or about what you people think of me.
 I know who my friends are, and i dont count any of you in that circle. I'm ok with that.

I now know why every other high school hates my school so much. And i would be lying if i said i haven't thought about what it would be like if i had attended a different one. I know every school probably has it's own shade of stupidity, but ours is unique. You know its bad when your crowd almost cheers "we. have. money." to the other team. It makes me cringe.
I do adore the real friends that i made at that school though, so i guess i can't be anti-highschool completely. But also,
I've never been more excited to graduate.

Bitter Betty is now going to bed.

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Feb 19, 2012

spare time

sometimes when i dont choose to do my homework, i do this.
i <3 making videos.
the end

Feb 12, 2012

i can dream

day 10 - your dreams

i just hope that where ever i end up, i'll be happy. and surrounded by people who love me. cause what else is there to wish for? hopefully that includes a husband. : / but not just annyyyonnnne. i've learned to never settle for anything less than i deserve.
whomever i marry will be my best friend.

for all of my 11:11 wishes and dreams.... those are for my journal. :)

but i know from experience in the past, that this quote will always be true :

Dream quote
so who knows where the next chapter of my life will lead me, but i'm almost positive that happiness will follow. because it doesnt depend on your circumstances, it depends on your outlook.

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Feb 6, 2012

when you have to ask yourself if this is real life

ya know those moments? when something so ridiculous happens and you have to ask yourself if you are in fact, not having a nightmare? i had one of those moments. about 5 minutes ago.

this quote is now the background on my phone.

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you know its a good day when you go to target for a sports bra, and come back with a snickers and an almond joy.

i'm gonna invest in this.

Feb 5, 2012

truffle shuffle

day 9 - open your itunes, set it to shuffle, and list the first 10 songs that play. and NO cheating. :)

this is either gonna be really emabarrassing, or i'll feel really cool because of it.
so here we go:

1. See You Again - Miley Cyrus. (hahaha. yep, its gonna be REALLY emabarrassing.)

okaaay okay...i really loathe miley. but i just can't bring myself to delete this song. : /

2. The Promise - When in Rome. (classy. a song that was made 10 years before i was born.)

3. Kids - MGMT (one of my all time favorites. now i feel keeewl.)

this song will always be on my summer playlists.

4. Secrets - Onerepublic (shoutout to summer of my junior year!)

5. Ghost Ride It - Mistah Fab (hahahahaha. throwing it back to my baaayyyy roots. i'm really really white, btw.)
this is the only watered down version of mistahhhhh that i could find.

6. This Plane - Wiz Khalifa (sometimes gangster rap is my weakness.)

i dont want a picture of Wiz on my blog. i'm afraid of the kind of traffic i would get from it. : /

7. 1234 - Fiest (jr. high. 8th grade. at least i had good taste back then.)

8. Defying Gravity - Glee Version (sometimes, i turn this up all the way and it sing at the top of my lungs. and pretend i'm as good as rachel berry.)

9. Dop It Like Its Hot - Snoop D-O-Double -G (yep. of course itunes would do this to me. i'm trying so hard to keep this list honest...but this one... this one may be my breaking point. i promise the majority of the songs i have are of substance. but you probably dont believe me NOW hahaha.)
: / : / : / : / 

i thought the mug shot was a good choice.

10. Here's Looking At You Kid - Corey Crowder (this song is lovely.)


Okay, so thats not how i wanted that to turn out at all. haaaa. so to redeem myself a little bit, heres the list i actually wanted you to see.
some that are all time favorites, and some that are my favorites at the moment:

1. The Mess I Made - Parachute
2. Live To Tell The Tale - Passion Pitt (just give this one a chance.)
3. Each Coming Night - Iron and Wine
4. Girls Like You - The Naked and Famous
5. After The Storm - Mumford and Sons (maybe my favorite ever.)
6. Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap
7. It Girl - Jason Derulo. (haha i just had to throw this one in. my blog, my music. i just can't get enough of it. love love love it. and i'm not afraid to show it.)
8. Easy To Fall In Love - Brighten (never gets old)
9. Easy - Rascal Flatts (im usually not a country gal, but lately its made its move on me.)
10. Strawberry Swing - Coldplay.