Jan 31, 2012

questions of my future

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complete the sentence...."i am..."
(sorry for all of you who are extremely confused with my numbering of the 30 day challenge days. i am too. 1236459 is apparently how the numbers in my head go. :/ i swear i'm not a nut case. butttttt today will be 7...ok? k cool.

I am... scared.
sooo scared for my future. i have no idea about even the slightest details of it. the only thing i'm certain of is the fact that i will be attending college next fall. but where? with who....? what do i even want to be when i grow up? will i even like my life in a year? .....what if it's lonely?

questions questions questions.

they run around in my mind all day, every day.  in a time that i should be excited and making plans like the rest of my friends...nothing seems right for me. not with these people....not in that place. while my best friends sign up for housing and start saving money for college...i dont even know where i'll be in 7 months or if i'll be there alone. although that IS my choice, it is because nothing has felt right yet. i guess its not necessarily that it hasn't felt right, its that everything else i've planned has felt so wrong.
i think its because i am awful at making decisions when i know that they can impact the rest of my life. but i also think that maybe, just maybe...its because there is specific place that i'm meant to be. and i definitely don't want to make the wrong decision, and have regret follow me to college. not when i'm banking on this so much to change things for me.

i just wiiiiiissshhh i could go back to the ending of last summer. (insert picture at top)
because there was still time to have fun and just figure it out on the way through senior year.

but i'm scared, because i thought i'd have it figured out by now.
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Jan 30, 2012

music makes me happy

this song is beautiful. i discovered it while watching 22 episodes straaaaight of a tv series.
vampire diaries.
it took me a long time to decide if i was gonna reveal that... judge me if you will.
but thats all beside the point.
listen to this little nugget...at least until the chorus. you won't regret it.

Jan 26, 2012

to warm a cold heart

day 5 - something that makes you feel better.

there are a few things that come to mind. my most recent remedy is something quite simple...its become somewhat of an unhealthy addiction. (shhh)

bad day? cranky? pissed at the world? its all too familiar. but dont you fear. clear up all the time in your afternoon... pick an especially chilly day, maybe its even raaaiinning. this is what needs to happen next:

-make yourself an unusually large mug of hot coco.
-pop some corn with at least 1/2 cup of butter on top. (butter is EVERYTHING)
-round up a blanket, and your puppy. (or just any puppy i guess.... : / )
-plop yourself on the couch and watch endless amounts of reality television. or friends. american idol even!

i can't explain it, but american idol has become my drug of choice. why? whhhhyyy? WHYYY is steven tyler so comical to watch? the way all the women love to fondle him makes me uncomfortable. hahaha. he's like 90 and looks like he snacks on frisbees. but i just love the show lately. i love when someone walks in and you think... the producers are cruel, cruel people. he must be the next william hung. and then BAM. his voice is better than the majority of people with record deals today. it just makes my heart so happy.

another thing that makes me feel better about life is.. dun dun dun.... exercise.
i know, i know...michelllllle booooottthh and exercise in the same sentence? on a list of things that make her feel better? hog-wash. this coming from the gal who's fastest mile is approximately 18 minutes....haha judge me.
i love it. i got a gym pass for my birthday. and every other day i'm working on my fitness.
(thanks ferg)
even though crossroads fitness is a watering hole for all things tool.
i love it.

oh and also, this quote:

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Jan 19, 2012

the parents

so hi. remember that blog challenge that i'm supposedly doing? i just remembered. haha.

day 4(?)  the parents.

these guys, right here

bry-guy and share-bear. aka sharon and brion.
i really feel so lucky to have them in my life! since i'm the blacksheep of the family and was born 2387472 years later than all of my sisters, i've gotten to know them a lot better these past 4 years because i'm the only gal who still lives here.

i like them.
a lot.

my dad is the hardest-working-most-talented-in-random-areas-nature-loving man. he is level headed and always has wise words for me. my hudsband is gonna have a hard time living up to him, just so you know.

share-bear is the funniest-caring-good-hearted-family-historian you''ll ever meet. she is so selfless. and has a semi-unhealthy addiction to diet coke. she's a softy who, when i need it most, just lets me cry. and has turned into my best friend.

holler booth family!

in other news, i have discovered my new favorite form of creeping on others.
i mean, who doesn't want to watch mormon love stories via adorable videos!?!

it is also really fun to make videos. its ma new thing, guyzzzz! i would show you, but my computer has contracted an std and has given up the will to do anything but facebook, blog, and pinterest.
(i'll take it, though) 

i am obsessed with this

maybe i want a missionary lover just so i can reunite with him and have hailey haugen make me a video. SOWHAT.

*see you soon, missionary.

Jan 13, 2012

your day

today, day 6(?), was supposed to be what my day consisted of.

today, january 12th, i turned 18.
excuse me WHAT?!

although i'm now going to have to learn to live in the real world, i still feel young.
and its good to feel that even though things are changing in my life, for once i think i'm gonna be able to handle them. atleast thats how i feel about it at this very moment. :/

i slept in. whooooooops. (it wasn't an accident)
i wore my new killer lion king shirt.
i had a birthday photoshoot with some of the gals.
i walked on a frozen pond.
i took a much needed nap.
i blew out the candles and set my heart's wishes free.
i ate cake and burgers and fries and salsa. yes, in that order. (just kidding.)
i recieved some geeeefts. (gifts)
i gobbled some cupcakes and watched a whole lot of ryan renolds.

happy birthday to meeeeeee. :)

Jan 9, 2012

day 3 - the favorite

3. favorite place in your world.

this place.

it is a pretty little spot up the mountain a little ways in fruit heights.
the sun sets perfectly right there in the summer.

but my favorite part about it, is that there are benches. and you know that whoever found this place, knew it would be worth sitting and watching.
the sun is my friend.
even though there are other people up there on occasion, it is mine. and only mine.

p.s...winter. please. leave.

Jan 8, 2012

day 2 - and products of being sick.

2. your first love.
lets make this short. because this is kind of personal and i have better things to show you.
(i hate this challenge already)
i dont really want to classify it as one single person. because in reality, it is two. because they were for totally different reasons. 

bachelor # 1 started out as boyfriend, and turned into best friend. and although it had its periods of stupid, it was worth it. he wasn't perfect and i knew it, but thats what made us so close.

bachelor # 2 had his moments, but in my opinion, he was perfect for me. and thats just that.

i loved #1 for his flaws
 and #2 for his goodness.

now onto other news....
i might have injured my neck.
doing what i'm about to show you in this video.

also i'm a bit ill. so i decided that if i'm home i might as well do something productive with my time. (definitely not my homework.) this is my new favorite thing to do.

Jan 7, 2012

30 day challenge

this is may be unnecassary, but i think it will give me something to occupy my time with when i'm procrastinating my homework.

so here we go

1. hi. introduce yourself, please.

-full name: michelle elaine booth.
-17th years of age. soon to be 18.
-i'm about to graduate high school this summer and i have no idea what my future holds.
-if you're reading this, lets be friends.
-i miss the fall.

i'll be seeing you tomorrow then.

Jan 4, 2012

time and testimonies

first of all,

i'm trying to start this one off on the right foot for once.
good riddance, december.

maybe i'm about to be a little too honest, so watch ouuuttttt.
it's a product of aunt flow i think...everything makes me burst into tears lately. ever watched One Born Every Minute? not recommended for anyone with hormone levels as high as mine are right now. birth is just a miracle ok?!
anyways, pms also makes me very honest with myself. read on.

in all honesty, these past few weeks have been anything but easy for a few too many reasons.

faith is a funny thing.

when you have it, you can't imagine ever living without it. and when it starts to slip away, you can't imagine how you ever felt so sure. but after a few talks with my mama and a speaker that i heard tonight, i learned that faith is not just believing when your life is perfect and you feel blessings. i've learned that it is believing in Him even when you feel like every aspect of your life just hit the floor.

i use to think that i had pretty strong faith, i'm not gonna lie about that.  ohhhh goodness how i was wrong. i used to believe that as long as i do the right things, Heavenly Father wouldn't let anything hurt me. but that's not right at all, is it?

thanks to my mother, i'm not going completely insane right now.
she told me how wrong i was, that bad things happen to good people, and that we're here not to have easy lives, but to have trials. to be tested and learn things from them. and that just completely blew my little 17 year old mind. haha.

so now it will take time.
time to pick up the shards of my shattered testimony and put it back together, piece by piece.

but i'm willing to do that, because i remember how it used to feel when i had no doubts in my mind.

Jan 1, 2012

i wish i was kidding

due to the fact that i spent my entire christmas break with my family,
i now lack friends.

i wish i was exagerating.
see ya never 'best friends'. : /

college can't come soon enough.

a little piece

new years resolutions are kind of an obligatory post.

but i'm only going to share little pieces of mine.
this blog post is basically just to hold me accountable in 2012. i read somewhere that you are 75 % more likely to accomplish a goal if you right it down. maybe thats hog-wash, but maybe i like the sound of it more than i care.
so here we go:

1) be healthy. this has a different meaning for me than the rest of you people. being diabetic and all kind of has its quirks.

2) read the book of mormon and pray every single day. dont you dare give up now. you know its true.

3) be you. afterall..."too many days are wasted comparing oureselves to others." whoever wrote that, i'd like to meet you someday. i think we'd be great friends.

5) get a job. you may or may not be approaching 18 years old and never had one. i honestly dont like relying on my parents for money. its time to grow up a little bit ya think? yeah.

4) and lastly, be friends first. best friends. you know exactly what this means.Pinned Image
because i think that's the best kind of love.

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