Dec 30, 2011


Two Years from Hailey Haugen on Vimeo.


sometimes right before i fall asleep, i go through my life as of late and think of all the killer things i could write blog posts about. and late at night they all seem so lovely.  it being christmas break ....i technically should have all the time in the world to do whatever i please, blogging included. riiiight?
but wanna know what i actually do with my time?

i avoid things.... blogging, friends, showering, cleaning, reality all together.

here is what my schedule has consisted of for the past 8 days:

i wake up at approximately 1:00 p.m. i then proceed straight out of my 11 hour slumber, down the stairs to the living room where the majority of my sisters are playing on their laptops. me being the black sheep of the family and not owning a laptop myself, i just sit and chat with them for an hour or two. when one of their wrists get crampy and my nappy-morning breath gets the best of them, thats usually when i snag a computer and play this game for hours on end. highly addictive, and highly non-productive? sounds perfect.

the rest of my day consists of eating... a whole lot more than any 17 year old girl should. staying in my same clothes all day and night. vegging. not showering until one of my siblings insists, ya know, being greasy.  (sorry family for being such a troll : / )  i really have no explanation for you, other than i just really do not care anymore.

i literally have not hung out with one single pal all week. this is something that is definitely not usual for me. but when my phone buzzes and the pals want to be social, i decline. because my entire family is home for ONCE. and i really actually like them. a whole lot more than any superficial high school affairs. this week i honestly had more fun with my family. and i am starting to care less and less and less about high school and the people that vacate it.

take THAT davis high. it will be a bittersweet farewell in 5 months. :)

on a less greasy note,
santa was GOOD to me this christmas. so very good.

this may or may not be in my possession as of now.

 and i'm freaking out a little bit. because now i can actually document my life!
and my new college life to come. :)

i also may or may not have visited UVU's campus today.

i know right?!!?!