Oct 24, 2011


a succesful weekend i must say. :)

blogger is refusing to let me uplaod pictures of any kind. : /
really chaps my hide. yep, i just said that.
what makes for a succesful weekend you might ask?


-a little hikety hike up adams canyon
-red orange and golden leaves.
-carmel apples
-that new boy....yep, the cuddle buddy.

shhhh, dont tell.

Oct 16, 2011

confession session

so hi.
its time to vent and let a few too many things out.
once upon a time i had this on-again-off-again boyfriend last year...who sucked at being a bf. but was perfect for me all at the same time.
we were bffffffff. talked erreday...even when we werent 'together'(i hate stereotypes like that), we still talked erreday.
then april happened.
bada bing bada boom --> to sum this up, it was a pretty lonely summer.
it was more than losing a boyfriend....he was my best friend.

now we walk by eachother in the halls and sometimes dont say a word. hello knife to the heart. haaaa. im so in highschool, can you not tell?
....well word on the street is that 'so what we get druuuunk, so what we smoke weeeed, we're just having fuuuuun' is his THEME SONG. if you know what i mean.
yep. drunk. high. immature. stupid. all of the above.
its so sad and disapointing to watch my former best friends throw away their lives. double knife to the heart.
but at the same time it makes me so thankful they're NOT in my life anymore.

confession session = success
i feel a lot better.

p.s....i may or may not have found my cuddle buddy. dont worry, its not him ^ 

Oct 10, 2011

on my mind

this little gem is taking up the majority of my ipod plays today.
he is we is just so pretty. and this song is ppeeerrrfect for me at the moment.

Oct 6, 2011

a preview

today was theeee coldest day of the year so far. and honestly, im usually super bummed when the weather starts changing and the sun doesnt shine, because im suuuuch a summer person, but i LOVED the weather today.
its just so cozy.
it makes me want to be transported here, with a cuddle buddy and a hot cocoa in hand. speaking of cuddle buddies..where the heck is mine?! it will be a looong, cold winter if he doesnt show up soon.
i'll be sending out applications asap.
that is all. :)

Oct 5, 2011

pms consumes me

sometimes i feel like i pms 25 days out of the month.
so heres some sappy for you.

high school.

its been filled with the very best, and the very worst days of my entire life. but i guess thats fitting. because thats what high school is supposed to be for everybody. a place to grow up. to fall in love. to get your heart broken, and break others in return. to figure out who you are and what you stand for. to loose people you love. to make new friends, have new fights, overcome trials...and gain some new ones too. to cry, but to laugh equally as much. in high school i've learned a tooooon. from the absolutely awful days, to the best ones i can remember.
sometimes i feel like errreebody has everything they could ever want, exceeppppt for me.
i know, i know, jealousy is a sin.
its awful feeling like you're stuck in the same position though, while everyone around you is changing and loving whatever gets thrown at them.

and then i read this quote and it makes me happy.

high school is a story that doesnt have an ending yet. it doesn't have MY ending yet.
i hope this next 8 months will create an ending that i will like. but at the same time i know that high school does not and should not define the person that you become in the future. but im still crossing my fingers.
that is all.