Sep 29, 2011

rant rant rant and then the temple.

this day did not start off to be the best. it was actually one of the worst days eveeerrr. i'm exagerating, but it felt like it. maybe just becuase im pmsing? who knows.
this is how the story begins...i get home late last night from date night, (a brand new tradition) and realize that i still haven't hard core studied for my AP art history test the next day. AWESOME. it was about...oh....1030 i'd say? yep. and i was exhausted. i looked over my notes for a good, eh, 16 minutes. then realized that i'd probably have a better chance at that test if i actually got a dece amount of sleep. so i decided to hop in my bed, and made an executive decision that i would not be getting ready at all the next day. sleep in the clothes that i would wear to school so that i could wake up late? score. walmart sweats and a t-shirt? yheeepp. golden. anywaaaays, i finally fall asleep at about midnight. only to be awoken by my low blood sugar at speed this up a bit...couldnt get back to sleep until about 230...only to be awoken again by my hiiiigh blood sugar and bladder at 430. and then awoken one last time at 6 to my bladder again. it was the best night of my life. :/ im whiny and i know it.
blame the hormones!
to make an even loooonger story short, school sucked today. i was all scattered brained and cranky and awk. ward. haha i swear on my life that things are 565151 more awkward when i dont get sleep and my blood sugar is brain just cannot handle that. and im pretty sure i bombed the test. yep. didnt do a lick-oh-my reading for my AP test and it showed. good thing mr. oram loves my i automatically am his fave. :) jk...i just think i'm on his good list because of it.
other things that made today at school extra-fun:
-i got ready in 10 minutes. litterally. so the effort i promised i would make to look cute to show that one boy, FAIL.
-i have a whole in the butt of my sweats.
-people at davis can be ridiculous. "so what we get druuuunk, so what we smoke weeeed, we're just having fuuuun" although i do enjoy that song, it should not be a lifestyle. especially for the people that i know know better dang it!!.... :/
-not getting a single text while in the building, i'm stupid i know. but usually things like that just make me happy ok?
-those two people that make me cringe when they're all lovey dovey with eachother...and somehow it always ends up that im the only person hanging out with them at lunch. get. a. room. faaar away from me please.
-i apologize for all of that ^ haaaa i just needed to get that off my chest.
now for the good part...
i decided to go to the temple today, and it was the best dicision i've ever made.
after that exceptionally bad day at school...i decided to skip last period and go to the temple. and suddenly my day turned so. much. better. it was like night and day. i especially loved all the cute temple workers that were all so jolly today! and they all had something happy to say to me. honestly, i think every single one of them that i came across said something pleasant to me. example....i walk to the temple doors, only to be greeted by THE cutest old man on the planet. what did he say?
"well hello! i've been waiting for you."
well hello to YOU cutest elsderly man i've ever met. thaaank you for making the funiest small talk with me and patting me on the back as you checked my recommend and i walked in. hahaha i LOVED it.

other high points:
-the old man that recognized me from before. its a nice surprise to be recognized by someone who you didnt think would. you better believe i  recognized you to, you cute old man!  i <3 old people. i swear im not a creep.
-being able to get in and out in perfect time. no wait!
-the temple is the happiest place. its so peaceful.
-thank you to the random woman on the temple grounds for treating me like you were my grandmother or soemthing. haha yes in fact, i would love to be your granddaughter.
-lets talk about how the temple has THE prettiest view of the valley below. and not to mention there wasnt a cloud in the sky.
-every person i passed had a smile on thier face that seemed to be there just for me. thank you.
-looking up at the temple and realizing that it honestly is the only place that is happy and full of love at all times. it was such a sight to see.
-and to top it all off...there was a couple there that had just been sealed in the temple, taking pictures. i want that! one day.
it couldnt have been a better scene for me to see after the day that i'd had. i drove home with the windows down listening to mumford & sons and the format. perf. :)
lets hope school brings me better things tomorrow. after my adventures today in bountiful, i think it will.

p.s. this is the longest post i've ever written...and im really emotional right now due to aunt flo, so dont judge me. :)

Sep 11, 2011

today i am thankful

today i am thankful for a lot of things.

after a short little trippity trip to the ER last night, and a kidney stone or 2 passed, i am so thankful for MORPHINE. that sounds a bit ridiculous, but reeeeeally though. it put a lot of things into perspective for me. like HELLO, my life is not hard. which is something i haven't noticed as of late; i'm reasonably healthy...i'm not in prison (as was another roomie that i shared the ER with last night..: / ) i dont have to suffer with extreme-mind-blowing-poop your pants-hurting so bad you barf-pain on a regular basis. hahaha graphiiic, i know. but neccesary. i have parents who will run red lights so that i won't hurt for longer than i have dad probably just ran it so that i would stop yelling, but either way, bri-guy has my respect. haha. also, it made me realize that i do not want to move sooo far away to college, that my parents wouldn't be able to be with me within an hour if i was sick or hurt or needed them. cedar city just went out of the question.

at least for now.

maybe i'm not as grown up as i thought i was. either way, i'm thankful for my parents today. and should be everyday.

ALSO, it's 9/11.
after all of the documentaries and renactments that i've watched today about the twin towers, i am thankful that i didn't have to lose anyone that i loved that day. because so many other people did.
and i just keep picturing in my mind having to like, drag my mother down those stairs and not being able to! cause let's be real...sharone has 2 broken feet the majority of the 365 day calendar. and i'm pretty sure running down 80 flights of stairs wouldn't fly with her. i would have to like, push her. hard. hahah. but in all seriousness, i would feel so helpless.
so many people felt that way, i probably can't even comprehend it.

lastly, i decided something today. i decided to just be happy. cause honestly, it IS a choice.
i spend way too much time comparing my life to others. that's not what heavenly father wants at all.
cause really, who doesn't feel inferior to the people they compare themselves to?

i'm different from her, but i'm still just as important as her.

this quote makes me heppy.

I have two choices. I can choose to be happy or I can choose to be sad. I choose to be happy. "For the power is in them, wherein they are agents unto themselves." (D&C 58:28) -Marjorie Pay Hinckley
i stole it from shelby ballif's blog. she'll probably never read this..but just in case, i gave you credit. :)

you. have. my. heart.

Sep 3, 2011

quote of the day

"you won't get where you want to be overnight. it is a process; but if you work hard and have patience, you WILL get there."

i found this quote when i really needed it. i need to stop thinking that things happen over night, because that just sets me up for dissapointment.

if i work hard though, i WILL get there. :)