Aug 24, 2011

i'm old

growing up is rough. the first 3 days of senior year have been fine...but thats just it.
just fine. maybe a little less than fine.
life is hard.
i need to remember these few little quotes.

and lastly, my personal favorite at the moment

thank you to pinterest for making my life a little bit easier.

Aug 21, 2011

a farewell to the sun

today is my official last day of summer. its kind of bittersweet, but im ready for the new school year to be here already.
this summer brought me lots of things....good and bad. mostly kind of bad, not gonna lie. HA.
buuuuut, im ready to start off on a new foot. even though i will miss the sun ever so much, i need change.
why can't it be summer for 9 months, fall for 2, winter for 3 days, and spring for 3 weeks? beats me. that would be so ideal i cannot even stand it.
a few good things to remember summer 2011-

-that one week in june.
- that one summer fling.
- kid cudi concert! seriously made my whole entire life. good thing i dont light up erreday like everyone else who was there. i'm convinced me and my friends were the only sober ones in the vicinity. weed is bad guys. 
 weed.     is.     bad.

- boating is good.

-going on 13115124 trips with my family. there are tooo many pictures of that. so heres just one.

- that cute new boy.
- i ruv to see tha temple. :)
 let's be real....this summer did, in fact, bring me a bundle of good things. i just realized.

Aug 20, 2011

soundtrack to my life

this song has been playing on repeat in my mind and in my life lately.
high school... woof. i wish it wasn't, but it is my life.

hopefully this new school year will bring more exciting and happy times.
i'm crossing my little fingers.

Aug 15, 2011

let's be real

holler. i've been blog stalking lots of blogs for many moons now, and thought maybe i should stop being so creepy and start one of my own. this is my first blog entry ever, and i feel like for me to be allowed to have a blog i should at least be one of the following; newlywed, super funny, crafty, or my eggo should be preggo. but newsflash, i'm not any of those.
i'm 17. one week shy of starting my senior year at dear old davis high school. i hope this blog will be super honest and just document my life as of right now, for my own sake. so here's a little about me;

- full name: michelle elaine booth
- i seriously live for the sun
- i like boys with a sense of humor
- i have a really great, funny family. holler booth sisters! and bry-guy and share-bear
- i'm looking forward to changing a lot of things this new school year.
- i'm mormon, and so is everyone else at my highschool. my school is 98.8% lds. and i'm being completely serious.
- i need a job. SO bad. maybe i've been looking for one all summer and still am unemployed
- my friends are my greatest blessing and biggest trial in my life right now
- junior year sucked because of that one boy. but in reality, i made it suck all by myself
- 10 months and i'm in the real world. :/ scares me so much.
- i love, love. if you're a cute couple, i love you. and probably fb creep on you a whole lot

so there ya go, a lot of random things about me that probably no one but my sisters will ever read.